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To offer BPW members, who are in pursuit of or looking to further develop personally and professionally, a dynamic environment to obtain knowledge and share ideas by drawing on the skills, education, advice and experiences of BPW peers in a small group setting.
To create and grow formal supportive mentoring relationships amongst BPW Calgary members that will make a positive impact in professional and personal lives of both the mentors and protégées.

The goal is to develop international sustainable tourism in Nepal by creating a special Tour Guide customized for BPW Members addressed to every BPW Club worldwide.

dinner@home is a charity tool for changing fundraising projects, starting in 2018 for "Shelter for Abused Women"

To benefit its associates through the exchange of other women´s experiences, and to attract more associates.

Dar visibilidade a BPW como PROMOTORA e ORGANIZADORA de eventos de sustentabilidade.