Portraits of the PILOT Team

Rüegg, Antoinette - PILOT Team Chair

Dr. Rüegg, Antoinette 


BPW Switzerland, Club Zürich & Club Lausanne

Past President BPW International, Past President BPW Switzerland, Past President BPW Club Zürich 



German, French, English

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Antoinette Rüegg attained a degree in Biology. For twenty years, she taught biology at a Grammar School and held the post of Head of the Biology Department. She used her skills to focus on learning behaviour and headed for 10 years the Committee ‘Learning Behaviours and Working techniques’ of the Swiss Office for In-service Training of Upper Secondary Teachers. In 1991 she established her own consultancy business. She made second studies in applied Psychology and specialized in Career Development, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. From 1995 to 1999 she was elected President of ‘Business & Professional Women Switzerland’ and from 2002 to 2005 of ‘Business and Professional Women International’. From 2007 – 2010 she conducted lectures on gender issues at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Rigassi, Daniela - PILOT Team administrator

Rigassi, Daniela

PILOT Team Administrator

Project Co-Leader

Good Health & Wellness for Women 

BPW Switzerland, Club Baselland



German, English, French

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Daniela Rigassi is an economist and holds a degree in project management and teaching. She started as a teacher for German, English and history. She then continued as an analyst and programmer for an insurance company before changing into project and process management as well as consultancy for companies in the financial sector. She now works for an international printer company, where she leads projects for strategic national and international clients. Daniela Rigassi joined BPW Switzerland in 2005, where she is the club delegate on the national level. Since 2012 she has been a member of the taskforce of Leadership and Lifelong Learning and has been co-organising the annual pre-conference on cross-cultural understanding in Cairo. She has a strong interest in international and cross- cultural aspects in everyday life and business collaboration.

Schmid, Ursula - PILOT Team Member/Webmaster

Schmid Ursula

PILOT Team Member/Webmaster

BPW International Webmaster 2021-2024

Project Leader

BPW Hosts

BPW Club Davos Klosters and BPW Club Chur



German, English, French, Italian


Ursula Schmid is a Secondary School Teacher phil. I, i.e. a teacher for German, English and French for 10 to 16 years old students. Later she worked for 25 years as office manager in her husband’s Legal Office in Davos.

In the dim and distant computer past of the last century she acquired a taste for Apple – incurably. First steps with online tools for websites with Typo3, diploma. Since then in search of suitable online web tools for normal use. Aim: Convincing, attractive and efficient websites for small companies, affordable and always up-to-date thanks to easy CMS. Autodidactic.

With love for literature and communication, for classical music and aesthetics, for computer and internet, for women’s politics and networking, for convincing arguments and marketing.

President of BPW Club Davos Klosters from 2009 to 2013. BPW Switzerland task force BPW Mentoring 2015-2019, BPW Switzerland task force BPW Website/SocialMedia 2017-2018.

Webmaster for BPW PILOT www.bpw-projects.org and www.bpw-un.org BPW International Webmaster 2021-2024.

Married; mother of a son and a daughter and grandmother of four grandchildren.

Bellini, Enrichetta - PILOT Team Member

Bellini Fornera, Enrichetta

PILOT Team Member, Project Leader

Rising Awareness on Non-Violence Culture and Focus on Abuser 

BPW Spain, Club Valencia & Club La Spezia, Italy

Past President BPW Ticino/Switzerland, 

BPW Bergamo/Italy



Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

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Enrichetta Bellini is graduated in Administration-Commerce and foreign languages beside postgrade intensive  Management courses among them Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Analysis both in Switzerland and Italy. She started her professional advancement as secretary/assistant to the Company President up to Proxy, General Manager and Executive Board member.She has been for more than 20 years a well known International Executive of Swiss/Italian and Danish Companies manufacturing machines and complete plants for ciment industries including packers, pallettizers and automatic bag loaders. Since 2008 is offering tecnical and tecnological translations’service and contract management advise. She entered BPW in 1983 covering charges both in Switzerland and Italy. In 2006 she was elected BPW Europe Finance Officer covering the charge for two turns. She has been member of many national and international taskforces. In 2001 she has been elected Chair of BPWI Legislation Standing Committee. Currently she is chairing the Legislation Committee 2014-2017 for the second turn. Since 2004 she is  the chair of La Spezia YOUNG BPW cup jury, adressed to BPW Europe YOUNG members.

Hall, Doris - PILOT Team Member

Hall, Doris

PILOT Team Member / Editor for English Texts

BPW Canada, Club London

Past President BPW Canada




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  • Member BPW Canada (London) since 1987
  • Past President BPW Canada
  • Chair Women’s Empowerment Principles / Canadian Coalition to Empower Women  
  • Trustee for Capital Fund 2014-
  • Director of W.O.R.K. (Women Offering Resources and Knowledge)
  • BPW International Constitutional Advisory Committee 2015-17
  • BPW International Congress Adjudicator for Power to Make a Difference – Actions 2017
  • BPWI Task Force expert 2017

Attended many BPW conferences and conventions over the years, as well as International Congresses and Leadership Summits. Also represented BPW Canada at Committee on the Status of Women meetings at United Nations in New York several times.

Employed as Office Manager for Sumagen Canada Inc. - Volunteer on a local Anti-Human Trafficking Committee.

Cleric for ECKANKAR Canada and Local Director. Enjoy playing fiddle; ballroom dancing and travel. Enjoy spending time with family and friends, and reading a good book    

Hironimus, Bessie - PILOT Team Member

Hironimus, Bessie

PILOT Team Member 

EPW USA, Club Sacramento



Spanish, English

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Has a degree in Business Administration, is a certified translator/interpreter, an administrator and business owner and is a retired Real Estate Appraiser certified by the State of California.Her career includes also working with international corporations. Re-elected Coordinator for the North America and Caribbean Region for a second term, Bessie is a member of BPW International since 1974. A past president of EPW-USA, Bessie organized and re-started the national Federation so the USA could have an active presence in BPW International.   She has served BPW as Club, District, State and National president, Regional Coordinator, and as an International Executive Board member for 5 years.

Monini, Luisa - PILOT Team Member

Monini, Luisa

PILOT Team Member 

BPW Italy, Club Villa Franca

Past President BPW Club Villa Franca



Italian, English

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Luisa Monini Brunelli, M.D., surgeon, orthopaedic, expert in medico-scientific communication, anchor-woman of the T.V.Format “Pan@cea”.

Born in Pescara, Italy, member of BPW Italy, past President of BPW Club Villa Franca, and Godmother of new Club Vittoria Alata created this last autum. Doctor in Medicine, regular TV Presentations (to see under WWW.TELETUTTO.IT , under "ARCHIVIO" / "PANACEA" ) where she moderates since 20 years scientific medical programs.

Rossi, Alga - PILOT Team Member

Rossi, Alga

PILOT Team Member

BPW Italy, Club Milano

BPW Club Milano President



Italian, English, French

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Graduated in Electronics, joins the Mathematics Faculty in Milan.

Project Manager Certification by A.N.I.M.P. (IPMA Level D)

Interested in psychology and violence

Professional Experiences:   

FIDAPA BPW Italy Milano club.

As President I managed three major projects:

1.    EXPO 2016  “BtoB Women in Ethic Business” Forum in MIlano

2.    SHANGHAI 2016 (PRC), Participate with a national delegation to SHANGHAI WOMEN FEDERATION FORUM to build a permanent relationship between Entrepreneurs. Chaired the workshop “Women as leaders: managing resources, expanding business opportunities and innovating problem solving”

3.    Member of International Committee of Health Chairman Luisa Monini. I’m contributing to develop an educational project for “Health and wellness among school boys and students through proper eating habits”


1.    Business Process Reengineering and Projects leader

2.    Responsible for a companywide Change Management Project Internal Controls and SOX Coordinator

In addition, volunteers as Coordinating Manager at Clinica Mangiagalli of Milano Policlinico Hospital, commits in fighting Violence agains Women. 

Seidita, Giuseppina - PILOT Team Member

Seidita, Giuseppina

PILOT Team Member

BPW International Executive Finance Officer 2017-2020

BPW International VP Membership 2021-2024 

BPW Italy, Club Bagheria 



Italian, English

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Degree in Mathematics, Palermo (Sicily) University.

Teacher in Mathematics and Physics.

Professional Experience:

Headmaster of secondary school from 2004 to today. Teacher of Mathematics of secondary school from 1983 to 2004 Master in “Education and prevention in AIDS among andolescents” nearby at the University of Palermo. Member of CNPO within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy from 2010 to 2016. Member of CNP within the Ministry of Equal Opportunities from 2010 to 2011 

Valkouma, Thalia - PILOT Team Member

Valkouma, Thalia

Expert / BPW Topics 5, 8, 11

BPW Greece, Club Thessaloniki



Greek, English, German, French

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Vice President BPW Thessaloniki Greece

Responsible for national & international projectsMember of Initial Committee of Business and Professional Associations in Adriatic-Ionian Area (BPW ADRIONET)

Manager of Strategic Planning Support in Egnatia Odos S.A. Responsible for strategic planning support on energy, waste management & resources, circular economy, culture, sustainable regional development & innovation issues. Responsible for networking, preparation & implementation of project proposals & studies under Cross-border, European & national funding programs.

Independent consultant in municipalities on Sustainable management - Waste & Energy management - Climate Change - Environmental Monitoring – ICT – IoT – Culture & Tradition – International projects

Co–owner of a construction company, a Renewable Energy Sources (CEO) company & a Social Cooperative company (President)

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology,

Master in Business Administration (MBA),

Master in Science (MSc) in Environmental protection management & sustainable development,

PhDc in Environmental Engineering

-Married with two children

-ExGeneral Secretary of Lions Clubs Greece Cyprus MD 117

-Active member of BoD of the charity Association “Thermaides”

Yassuda, Margarida - PILOT Team Member

Yassuda, Margarida

PILOT Team Member

PILOT Facilitator Latin America

Skills: Training, Strategic Planning, Management

BPW Brasil, Club Sao Paolo



Portuguese, English, Spanish, Japanese, French

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Master degree  at the University  Anhembi-Morumbi – SP

My professional experience is based  mostly acting as General Manager  in international hotel chains  for more than 20 years.

Large experience and skills  in developing  and implementing  projects and partnership with different stakeholders, capacity building,  strategies to reach  targets,   creation of  tools to motivate employees, guests, clients, and local communities  in social-environmental programs.

Volunteer Experience: 

BPW-São Paulo -  member since 2005, past 1st Vice-President, currently Board Member. 2017-2019  BPW Brasil  - 1st executive secretary. Since 2016 -   task force  of IFBPW BusinessNet  for  Latin America. Attended  UN -  CSW in   2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.   Coordinated  the event  in the UN premisses  during the CSW 61. Women in Water Policy as key to economic empowerment. Sponsored by the Brazilian Mission with partnership    BPW Brasil + Women for Water Partnership.

In 2016, volunteered at the Olympic and  Paralympic Game Rio   as Assistant of Athlets Delegations, Austria and Jamaica, 3 months

-Currently also working as Steering Committee Member  at WfWP.