Women Strengthening Women - BPW Ontario Mentorship Program

Capitalizing on skills, knowledge and expertise of BPW Ontario members to provide a tangible benefit of membership to new and existing members.

Launch one cohort every six months consisting of 10 relationships. These relationships can be a mix of one-on-one matches and mentoring groups. All delivered online over a 6-month period. The program includes a group Welcome/Introduction session, two group Check-in/Learning sessions and a final group Celebration/Sharing session. One-on-one matches meet a minimum of once per month with the option to meet more frequently. A mentor coach and mentee coach role has been created for additional support to the respective groups should there be challenges, issues, etc. that arise. The mentoring program is free for all BPW Ontario members and uses an online software called MentorCity https://www.mentorcity.com/. The platform has a range of resources for mentees and mentors including quizzes, tips, reference guide and agreement forms.

BPW Canada

Canada, North America and the Caribbean

Start of Project: January 2022

Duration: Repeated Event

Registration: August 2022


This project was led by BPW Ontario, Canada - one of the Provincial Organizations within BPW Canada


Website: www.bpwontario.com

Facebook: @bpwontario


SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 5: Gender Equality

SDG 18: Sustainable Development of BPW International

BPW Topics

1. BPW Membership, BPW Organizational Development, -Strategies, -PR

8. Leadership, Development, Lifelong Learning, Training

12. Young BPW

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