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AWARD about Women's Rights
To promote our association to the younger generation through the award. To fight violence against women. To collaborate with schools.

Values-Led Mentoring Program - Darwin Club,  Australia
Program to empower women and build confidence with a focus on values-led leadership

Gaunbata Sanjal
Gaunbata Sanjal - Aryal, Sadikshya - Nepal - Project Leader - BPW International Member Project - 2020 - Asia Pacific

Contribuer à la réduction du nombre d’enfants victimes de traite ou pires formes de travail ou exposés à la traite.

Aryal, Sadikshya - Expert - Project Leader
Aryal, Sadikshya - Nepal - Expert - Project Leader

Sponsoring the Education of Girls in Secondary School
To sponsor the education of, and mentor less privileged girls in secondary schools in Abuja.

International Mobility
International Mobility - Crevat, Géraldine - France - Project Leader - BPW International Member Project – 2016 – Europe

Crevat, Géraldine - Project Leader
Crevat, Géraldine - France - Project Leader - Intercontinental Online Meetings - International Mobility - BPW International Member Project - 2017 - Europe