AWARD about Women's Rights

Project Goal

  • To promote our association to the younger generation through the award.
  • To fight violence against women
  • To collaborate with schools.



The project wants to promote education and respect of women's rights on the schools.


The project would like to give a cash award to highlight the best theme or class work on:

  • Violence Against Women or
  • Women's Rights


The Prize will be awarded annually. Therefore, each year a different club, chosen in rotation by the Standing Committee Membership, will organize the competition at local level.


Date of the event

  • 25 November, International Day against Violence against Women or
  • 8 March, International Women's Rights Day.

The award will be given to girls in their final year of high school. The school concerned will be chosen by the local club through appropriate contacts with the school headmaster.


Organisational support

Support will be provided by the Standing Committee Membership.


Pilot City

The Municipality of Ferrara, Italy, will implement the project for the school year 2022/2023


Project of the

Standing Committee Membership

Chair Dr. Giuseppina Seidita

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Start of Project

September 2022




March 2022


2022: Municipality of Ferrara, Italy



BPW Topic 1, 9, 12

SDG 4, 5, 18

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