Collaboration Circles

To offer BPW members, who are in pursuit of or looking to further develop personally and professionally, a dynamic environment to obtain knowledge and share ideas by drawing on the skills, education, advice and experiences of BPW peers in a small group setting.


The goal of the Collaboration Circles is to connect our members with each other to offer support and networking in a small group to create deeper relationships. Each Collaboration Circle is comprised of 5-6 women from different industries and at different levels of experience who meet once a month for 8 - 10 months. At each meeting, one of the members chairs the meetings to ensure that each participant is able to participate and contributes to the discussion and the table topic of the meeting. The position of chair rotates among the members to allow each member to be in the leadership role. The Collaboration Circle also allows each member to be both the mentor and the mentee. 

The Collaboration Circles are in the inaugural year but we had 27 women participate which meant that 5 different Collaboration Circles were set up.

BPW Club Edmonton

Canada - North America and Caribbean

Start of Project: October 2018

Registration: April 8, 2019







BPW Topic 8

SDG 4, 18