The Women of My Family Project - BPW Izmir, Turkey

This project is a collective literary project from BPW Izmir to "honor the women of our families".


The history of our families is full of women who completed their lives in silence or with fame and fame. We invite you to make one of these women visible through historical-fiction literature. This will be a chance to let women stands as hidden figures in daily lives to become visible in traditional and digital publication.

To apply our "Writing is Healing" online workshops during theproject to follow "short story writing techniques" to focus your writing journey

We will start receiving your applications via the "Join" button and our project team members will contact you via mail for further details.

BPW Izmir, Turkey

Region: Europe

Start of Project: 17 March 2024

Duration: Less than 1 year

Registration: 15 May 2024


Spectacled Tales Atelier Creative Communication Agency



Documents (pdf)


BPW Topic 1, 2, 3

SDG 5, 10, 18