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Equal Pay Day - Panel (Instagram Live)
To create awareness on equal pay day. BPW Club Istanbul, Turkey - Region Europe

L'obiettivo del progetto è quello di cercare di risolvere il problema dei senzatetto e del degrado che da esso ne deriva, unendo design e arte.

dinner@home is a charity tool for changing fundraising projects, starting in 2020 for IG Offenes Davos and "Limitless Hospitality"

Online Rescue Program for women entrepreneurs after COVID-19

Plattner, Bettina - Expert
Plattner, Bettina - Expert - Switzerland

Zamperlin, Laura - Project Leader
Zamperlin, Laura - Italy - Project Leader - Digital on Board - BPW International Member Project - 2019 - Europe

Digital on Board
Digital on Board - Zamperlin, Laura - Italy - BPW International Member Project - 2019 - Europe

Our e-shop is designed to host small businesses or even solo women entrepreneurs in rural areas, offering them the opportunity to present their products or services online

To acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of women in the business community

Awareness and Prevention of cervical cancer.

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