A Van for Chernihiv - BPW Help for Ukraine

BPW UK and A. Leclercq have a fundraising campaign to acquire, equip, and transport from Bulgaria a van for the benefit of BPW Chernihiv, Ukraine.


BPW Chernihiv's volunteers will use the van to transport people and goods within the city and its surrounding region.

The residents of Chernihiv receive food aid and construction materials donated by NGOs and also by the Ukrainian government. But these deliveries are made to central storage and distribution points. The poorest and elderly residents have difficulty traveling to these locations and lack means of transportation, as public transportation is not functioning. Even those who own vehicles often cannot afford the high price of fuel. Also, residents struggle to find transportation when, for example, they need to complete administrative procedures or go to the hospital.


Support this project that has been granted funding from BPW International to buy a vehicle to help distribute humanitarian aid in Chernihiv, Ukraine. It is vital to support each other in time of need.

We still need to find the funds for the adaptation of the van, the supplies, administrative and travel costs.

Join us !

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BPW United Kingdom

United Kingdom UK - Region Europe

Start of Project: July 2022

Duration: more than 1 year

Registration: August 27, 2023


Yulia Zaika, President BPW Chernihiv, Victoria Filatova, member BPW Ukraine and President of the Charity Aratta, Amélie Leclercq, Past European Coordinator.





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SDG 2, 3, 16