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Special Project for Displaced Afghan Women
This project is intended to provide displaced Afghan business and professional women with tools to regain dignity, establish themselves, and rebuild.

L'obiettivo del progetto è quello di cercare di risolvere il problema dei senzatetto e del degrado che da esso ne deriva, unendo design e arte.

Gaunbata Sanjal
Gaunbata Sanjal - Aryal, Sadikshya - Nepal - Project Leader - BPW International Member Project - 2020 - Asia Pacific

dinner@home is a charity tool for changing fundraising projects, starting in 2020 for IG Offenes Davos and "Limitless Hospitality"

Sponsoring the Education of Girls in Secondary School
To sponsor the education of, and mentor less privileged girls in secondary schools in Abuja.

Laverley, Juliet Project Leader Market Based Access to affordable healthcare BPW Club Freetown Sierra Leone Languages English > Mail

Market Based Access to Affordable Healthcare
Market Based Access to Affordable Healthcare - Laverley, Juliet - Sierra Leone - Project Leader - BPW International Member Project - 2019 - Africa

To acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of women in the business community

To sensitive children between the ages of 7 and 17 on the importance and benefits of recycling.

Increase productivity and job opportunities generated by women entrepreneurs - Reduce gender-specific barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and to women entering and remaining in the workforce.

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