Women's Entrepreneurship Workshop

The event is intended for women who are looking for work or who want to change their field of activity. This is an event of sharing, inspiration.


An event organized by the Vilnius Business Women's Network/BPW Vilnius Chamber(Lithuania) and national companies - the Employment Service (Vilnius Department), 4 times a year - for unemployed women registered at the Employment Service or who want to change their career direction.

During the event, reports are read by the partners: the Board of the State Social Insurance Fund, the State Tax Inspectorate, and there is a discussion among club members. 4 different members of club BPW Vilnius participate according to the theme of the event, which is different every time, for example: "Business establishment and successful development. Individual or big business?", "Women's experience. How to create, manage and grow businesses?", heads of scientific institutions, etc.

Members present their businesses and answer questions for participants, lasts 1 hour free consultations for participants. In the future, the continuation of the Mentoring program for the participants is planned.

BPW Vilnius Chamber

Lithuania - Region Europe

Start of Project: February 27, 2023

Duration: more than 1 year

Registration: August 2023


Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Employment Service (Vilnius Department), State Social Insurance Fund Board, State Tax Inspectorate.



BPW Topic 4, 8

SDG 5, 10, 17