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Solar Water Pump


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Jeanneret Vezzini, Karin - Switzerland



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The company ennos ag develops and distributes the sunlight pump, a portable solar water pump for irrigation and domestic water supply in developing countries. The technology combines income, productivity and labor-saving benefits and will be made accessible in several countries through the establishment of a supply chain and payment options.


Within the next six years, ennos wants to scale-up the production and marketing capacity. The vision of ennos is to supply a high quality product and make it accessible and affordable for BOP clients. Beyond that, ennos wants to offer extensive support and after sales services to the customers to guarantee a productive use of the technology for many years.

To reach this goal, BPW International can be a very important player, in the sense to connect the company with potential partners in different African countries.


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Project Leader

Jeanneret Vezzini, Karin

Project Leader

Solar Water Pump 

BPW Switzerland, Club Biel/Bienne



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Karin Jeanneret Vezzini, born in Switzerland (1965), married, 2 children. Attorney-at-law with own law office (Jeanneret Law) and since 2016, CEO of ennos ag, a Swiss company who designed a highly efficient solar water pump for smallholder farmers ( Founder member of BPW Biel-Bienne (1996), Switzerland. President of BPW Biel-Bienne 2014-2018.

Solar Water Pump - Update 2023

Nov 23, 2023

Download "The sunlight pump models: Innovative Swiss Technology"

Ennos has projects with FAO in Djibouti and Angola

Let Us celebrate! - GLOBAL LEAP AWARDS - FINALIST 2019

Nov 5, 2019

Let us celebrate!

ennos has been awarded as Global LEAP 2019 Solar Water Pump Competition Finalist!

We are very excited to announce that the sunlight pump is among the best-in-class solar water pumps on the market in the category 10-30m3/day. We celebrate the recognition of our work and are proud to bring a high quality, reliable solar water pump to farmers and households in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

Global Leap Awards programs are a key entry point for new technologies in emerging markets. The Award is an international competition to identify and promote the world’s best off-grid appliances. ennos participated in the Solar Water Pump competition 2019. 

All nominated solar water pumps went through testing in an independent, accredited laboratory and an evaluation by a panel of off-grid market experts to assess product energy performance, service delivery, quality, reliability, and affordability.

When developing the pump, we focused on achieving a very high efficiency, taking into account various configurations and settings. High efficiency means fewer PV modules to buy. In addition, we have made sure that the product is very robust, has very few wearing parts and has a very long service life. As there are no operational costs and minimum maintenance costs, there is a high return on investment over the lifespan of the sunlight pump. It is the right choice for anyone who wants to turn a free source of energy into time and money savings.

We are pleased to share with you the data collected by Global Leap Awards in the “Surface Solar Water Pump Category”. The high efficiency and the flexibility in the head (tested up to 60 meters)  set us apart from the competition. We are the only pump in the test with full capacity at 20 m total height, which is twice the hydraulic energy of any other competitor. Additional functions such as our fully integrated system approach, our free Android app for on-site performance monitoring and data collection and our online configurator tool for an optimized system design are available only from ennos.


ennos will continue working on new pump technologies designed for the needs of smallholder families and communities in off-grid areas. Together with our partners, we distribute environmentally friendly, reliable and affordable pumping solutions. The sunlight pump turns sunrays into savings and impacts the lives of people who need easier, more reliable access to water.


July 2019

High-ranking visit to BPW Karin Jeanneret and her Member Project Solar Water Pump

After the Global Summit of Women in Basel, Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya took the opportunity to meet the successful Project Leader Karin Jeanneret in Biel.

Also present was Myriam Heidelberger (middle), President of the BPW Club Biel-Bienne and new member of the BPW Switzerland Board of Directors.

A lot of BPW competence met there, because Karin is also past president of Club Biel-Bienne. The visitor Toy is Vice President of BPW Bangkok (Thailand) and ASEAN Sub-Regional Coordinator of BPW International.


Newsletter June 26, 2019


The sunlight pump is brought to you by our partners


ennos has established trustful partnerships with distributors in Africa. Together, we develop sustainable business models that allow us to bring innovative solar pumping solutions and high quality services to smallholder farmers. 


In Tanzania, we work with Simusolar Ltd. – a pioneer in the field of solar energy. Simusolar provides and finances accessible, affordable, and energy-efficient equipment designed for off-grid businesses. Their goal is to enable rural smallholder farmers to acquire solar technologies – such as the sunlight pump – and to improve their livelihoods. 

Learn more about the work of Simusolar in the video above and enjoy the beautiful pictures from rural Tanzania!

The pictures above show an installation at Bubwa village, Buikwe District, Uganda. At the shore of Lake Victoria, our partner Innovation Africa Ltd. installed a sunlight pump delivering water over a horizontal distance of 250 meters and a total lift of 20 meters into a water tank. 

The water is used to irrigate 5 acres of land. The farmers report that the pump runs from sunrise to sunset without interruption on sunny days and delivers enough water to cover their needs. 

We are impressed with the quality of the structures and glad to hear that the sunlight pump users are extremely satisfied with the technology!

You want to become a distribution partner as well? You are interested in buying a sunlight pump? You have a question? Get in touch – we are happy to assist!

Warm regards, The ennos Team



Pilot Team Members on Tour at Cairo Congress

Visiting Karin Jeanneret, BPW Biel / Switzerland and her booth. 

Karin is presenting her Member Project „Solar Water Pump“. 

On the foto Karin (sitting), from left to right: Vroni Rohrbach, Daniela Rigassi, BPW Switzerland; Claire-Marie Kabore, President BPW Ouagadougou; Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, Past President BPW International

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