Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump - Jeanneret Vezzini, Karin - Switzerland - UN SDG 7: Affordable Clean Energy


The company ennos ag develops and distributes the sunlight pump, a portable solar water pump for irrigation and domestic water supply in developing countries. The technology combines income, productivity and labor-saving benefits and will be made accessible in several countries through the establishment of a supply chain and payment options.


Within the next six years, ennos wants to scale-up the production and marketing capacity. The vision of ennos is to supply a high quality product and make it accessible and affordable for BOP clients. Beyond that, ennos wants to offer extensive support and after sales services to the customers to guarantee a productive use of the technology for many years.

To reach this goal, BPW International can be a very important player, in the sense to connect the company with potential partners in different African countries.


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Project Leader

Jeanneret Vezzini, Karin

Project Leader

Solar Water Pump 

BPW Switzerland, Club Biel/Bienne


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Karin Jeanneret Vezzini, born in Switzerland (1965), married, 2 children. Attorney-at-law with own law office (Jeanneret Law) and since 2016, CEO of ennos ag, a Swiss company who designed a highly efficient solar water pump for smallholder farmers ( Founder member of BPW Biel-Bienne (1996), Switzerland. President of BPW Biel-Bienne 2014-2018.

Languages: German, English, French

Solar water Pump in action

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Solar Water Pump at BPW International Congress in Cairo, Oct 2017

pilot team member on tour at cairo congress

Visiting Karin Jeanneret, BPW Biel / Switzerland and her booth. 

Karin is presenting her Member Project „Solar Water Pump“. 

On the foto Karin (sitting), from left to right: Vroni Rohrbach, Daniela Rigassi, BPW Switzerland; Claire-Marie Kabore, President BPW Ouagadougou; Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, Past President BPW International

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