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On Life - The Children's University

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Pellicciari, Laura, Italy



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Kineofilm and the upcoming production “On Life”

The upcoming feature film project “On Life” - The Children’s University is the story of a Countess, a noble woman who hosts outcast kids in her crumbling and marvelous villa. Then, facing the economic needs to sustain the small community and the villa, she finds in what is usually considered wrong and baneful like the videogames, the first resource to establish On Life, the University led by the children.

The countess, main protagonist of “On Life" story will be interpreted by Benedetta Barzini, an internationally known fashion’s icon, writer and teacher who made out of fashion a political mean to emancipate the feminine figure and much more than that.

On the other hand, the kids hosted by the countess, are real teenagers in need Kineofilm has met within experimental literacy workshops it holds supported by local no profit entities.

Kineofilm production house has a multidisciplinary approach and collaborates with Kineo a no profit Association for the study and research on audiovisual language that got recognized by the Italian UNESCO Commission for the creation of V.A.M. (Video Multi-Sensorial Literacy workshops) as a worthy instrument to fight the video- analphabetism strengthening the international communication’s paper rights.

The first entity co-financing the project has beenCreative Europewith the following comment: "The co- development approach presented in the proposal is valid and strengthens the complementarity of the partners for this project based on the idea of upside down schooling, where children become teachers for adults on new technologies and video games. The idea of the work comes from the understanding that contemporary schooling systems in most of the countries sees children as unified mass, sponges for soaking in the information, without getting the skills really needed for a person to grow up into a complete, self-assured personality. This theme is having louder and louder voices in the world demanding for a change. This film is the one needed to push the changes forward.”

“On Life” is going to be a great experiment to demonstrate on one side how the cinema field can really be green and sustainable and on the other it will be a huge promo to make a real “Children’s University” thanks to the collaboration of some no profit institutions and foundations. 



Project Leader

Pellicciari, Laura

Project Leader

On Life - The Children's University

BPW FIDAPA Italy, Club Trieste Storica



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Born in Arzignano, Vicenza. Graduated in architecture at IUAV in Venice, Italy.

Professional qualification obtained in 2006, member of the Association of Architects since 2021.

On April 24th, 2009 KINEOFILM S.R.L. is established and she’s nominated chairman of the trustee board. Kineofilm, independent Italian house based in Trieste and Marostica, produces socially and culturally relevant productions based on original subjects ideated and written by both Rodolfo Bisatti and Laura Pellicciari.

Her work as an international producer focuses on world-wide opportunities. She furthermore works on Films developments and production as actress, screenwriter and producer. Laura works for an overall renewal of the cinematographic art, promoting a cinema of research, finding new productions ways.

From 2023 she takes part to ANICA representing Kineofilm in the producer section and to PBW – FIPADA at Trieste Storica club.

Kineofilm works for an inclusive way of making cinema not only for a gender equity but most of all for any kind of people breaking thru difficulties dealing with our society. From poverty to disability. An identity, built in the last 14 years, that doesn’t help thru a business mainly guided by totally different aims.

That’s why as Kineofilm’s CEO she works in tandem with KINEO, a no profit association that helps involving foundation and other entities more sensitive towards our goals.