Member Project - Mara Mosca, Volunteers 4 Health Care Center in Nepal - Patrizia Negro, Italy

Mara Mosca, Volunteers 4 Health Care Center in Nepal

BPW International Member Project


Project Leader

Negro, Patrizia, Italy



SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being | SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation | SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities | SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

BPW Topics

1. BPW Membership, BPW Organisational Development, Strategies, PR | 6. Health



This project aims to share experiences as Volunteers in the Health Care Center "Mara Mosca", in the rural area of the Saptari District, south-est Nepal.



  • Promote and improve good practice towards the rural population of the District, on sanitary and medical level, by using the Health Care Center " Mara Mosca";
  • Promote and improve campaign for young women and children:

- personal hygiene tips and water closed;

- gynecological visit;
- pediatrics and general medicine visit;
- opthalmologist visit;
- nutrition programs;
- a regular presence af a doctor in the surgery (weekly/monthly), in collaboration with sisters of BPW Nepal;

- training courses for nurces to serve in the surgery.


Target Group

The main targets are BPW members, all over the world: Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, professionals with sanitary/medical skins;

Laic Volunteers that wish to experience the Health Care Center "Mara Mosca". BPW friends.

Collaborations/ Partners/ Communication

The Health Care Center "Mara Mosca" is managed by the Association Ganesha Nepal (GAN).

Local travel agencies will be used for the logistic. Priority over BPW Nepal sisters that manage a travel agency.

Communications will be done by using BPW platforms, networking with BPW Federations, Clubs, Tasks Forces, etc, in the 5 Regional Areas of IBPW. Facebook. Flyers, etc.

Personal contact 




Project Leader

Negro, Patrizia

Project Leader

Mara Mosca, Volunteers 4 Health Care Center in Nepal




Italian, English, French

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Patrizia Negro has always been interested in first aid, medical aid and medical charity activities.

She started in 1986, age of 18, as a Red Cross Volunteer Nurse (hometown Military Hospital, Italian Army), up to now as  hospital volunteer in AVO Onlus (Associazione Volontari Ospedalieri), in hometown public hospital.

She experienced the operating room in the military and in the public hospital, as observer, as Italian Red Cross Volunteer Nurse.

She achieved several certificates in first aid matters:

  • 2003, Volunteer Rescuer, Associazione Italiana Soccoritori, Amministrazione Provinciale Bari;
  • 2003, PBLS (Pediatric Basic Life Support cat. D) , IRC-MUP;
  • 2003, BLSD (Basic Life Support Defibrillation with DAE), IRC;
  • 2010, Pediatric Airway Clearance Maneuvres, ILCOR 2010, Italian Red Cross;
  • 2013, Fire Prevention and Emergency Managment, D.Lgs 81/2008, AIFOS;
  • 2006, Security, ALITALIA Airways Security Department;
  • 2009, Flight Safety, Italian Air Force, 36° Stormo-Gioia del Colle, Bari.

BPW activities

She is member of FIDAPA BPW ITALY, since 2001.

She attended the General Assembly in Melbourne (2002) as delegate for BPW Italy and as Candidate for Young BPW International Represantative; in Mexico-City (2008) as delegate; Virtual General Assembly (2021) as observer.

She was member of the Costitution Advisory Committee - CAC - (2008-2011) in BPW International.

She also attended several BPW Europe events: Cyprus in 2001; Rome in 2003 within Young BPW International Assembly; Munich in 2009; Sorrento in 2012.

She attended the BPW International Project "Visit Nepal for BPW Members", visiting BPW Nepal sisters in Kathmandu, in Pokhara and the Health Care Center "Mara Mosca", in 2019.

In Fidapa BPW Italy, in her Club of Bari, she was Treasurer (2015), Auditor (2019) and Adviser (2021).