International Legal Advice

International Legal Advice


Project Leader

Ippolito, Eufemia - Italy  


BPW Topic

10 Legislation, Society, Politics, Advocacy



a)   Executive Board Consulting

b)   Legal  Problems  Solving

c)   Supporting the International Board in the interpretation

of the rules of the Constitution  in compliance with European laws and International Laws


All  Members of the Task Force  required to be Lawyers:

a)   CHAIR  Eufemia Ippolito

b)   One member from each Region


Project Leader

Ippolito, Eufemia

Project Leader

International Legal Advice 

BPW Italy, Club Gravina in Puglia

BPW Italy Past President



Italian, French, Spanish, English

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Graduated in law


Graduated in French language and Literature 

Attorney at law (specialised in company law, EU law, International law), Professor of company law - retired.

Since 2009 to 2017 representative of BPW International in the Conference of  INGOs in the Council of Europe

2016/2017 Member  group:   “Brussels Follow-up #  5: Women on Boards 

Since 2004 to 2008   EWL Board Member  (BPW International, European Region) BPW Europe

2004 -2006     Membership  Committee ( EWL) for Verification of the Statutes Member States and financial statement analysis.

Since 2013 to 2017 BPW Italy Representative  in Committee for Equal Opportunities within  the Ministry of Labour – Rome

2011-2013 BPW Italy Representative in Committee for Equal Opportunities within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Rome. 

BPW Italy Past National President