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Campaña Virtual Equal Pay Day 2022
The struggle to close the gender pay gap is worldwide and ongoing. At BPW Spain we aim to achieve fair and equal pay for all women.

Special Project for Displaced Afghan Women
This project is intended to provide displaced Afghan business and professional women with tools to regain dignity, establish themselves, and rebuild.

To expand the Women's Empowerment Principles to include all stakeholders, such as small business enterprises, academia, government and civil society.

Gulamani-Abdulla, Jenny - Expert
Gulamani-Abdulla, Jenny - Expert - Canada

Invoking Sustainable Development Goal 16, like a dove, we go to communities as messengers of peace, justice, equality, and humanity, with the goal of raising awareness and reducing violence against women and children.

Bild von _Alicja_ auf Pixabay
Améliorer leurs revenus et le niveau de vie de ses membres et de contribuer à la relance économique du pays.

Ippolito, Eufemia - Project Leader
Ippolito, Eufemia - Italy - Project Leader - International Legal Advice - BPW International Member Project - 2017 - Europe

International Legal Advice
International Legal Advice - Ippolito, Eufemia - Italy - Project Leader - BPW International Member Project - 2017 - Europe

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