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Gender-Sensitive Mentorship Program

Empowering Future Women Leaders: BPW Istanbul's Gender-Sensitive Mentorship Program


Empowering Future Women Leaders: BPW Istanbul's Gender-Sensitive Mentorship Program

BPW Istanbul is proud to announce the continuation of its "Gender-Sensitive Mentorship Program," a pioneering initiative designed to activate and empower the personal development of future women leaders. This program, now in its fourth year, has successfully provided mentorship to over 200 young individuals, helping them navigate the challenges of their early careers.

Objective and Reach

The primary objective of this program is to foster personal growth and leadership skills in young women through gender-sensitive mentorship. By focusing on university students and early-career professionals, BPW Istanbul aims to build a strong foundation for the next generation of women leaders.


BPW Istanbul is committed to expanding this program and integrating the valuable insights gained over the past four years. Our vision is to transform this initiative into an internationally recognized program, leveraging the experience and success we have achieved thus far.

It stands as a testament to our dedication to empowering young women and promoting gender equality. We invite corporate members, mentors, and young professionals to join us in this transformative journey.

BPW Istanbul, Turkey

Region: Europe

Start of Project: 2021

Duration: Repeated event

Registration: 7 June 2024


We have done the project for the engineering students in summer 2022 with adesso.

We are starting the project with engineering students in summer 2024 with Wilo Group.

BPW Topic 1, 8, 12

SDG 5, 8, 17