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Zamperlin, Laura - Project Leader
Zamperlin, Laura - Italy - Project Leader - Digital on Board - BPW International Member Project - 2019 - Europe

Digital on Board
Digital on Board - Zamperlin, Laura - Italy - BPW International Member Project - 2019 - Europe

The purpose of “Women in digital economy” is to enable Businesswomen, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to create successful and competitive business models, to build up digital skills, an entrepreneurial culture in cities and rural areas, and to transfer IT knowledge into schools.
Women vs technolgy. Reduce digital gap values.

Encouraging girls and developing their interest in the boys dominating learning space.
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Réduction de la pauvreté par la prise en charge des membres à travers des activités génératrices de revenues et la valorisation humaine an particulier, les jeunes filles et femmes paysannes.