Digital and Renewable Energy focus Education for Girls

Encouraging girls and developing their interest in the boys dominating learning space.

Samira Jibir


In school A (Gilgal Institution) digital holiday  boot camp was organized for girls. There was tremendous interest and girls were earger to learn coding, App development, python basic including knowledge of AI. (Articial Intelligence).

In school B (Glisten Academy)

Girls outsmarted boys in Digital and Space Education. One of the girls became National Ambassador for Nigeria. Another great became the best in Microsoft office and qualified for Microsoft International contest. Other girls are having successful feats in App development, robotics, etc. 

The school has a renewable project of which company is headed by a female. The girls are learning the ropes. Hopefully, some of them could one day occupy this space and create better solutions.

For best and cheaper solutions in Renewable Energy industry.

It is hope that during the Easter break, girls camp will be open for others and the girls who benefited from the pilot scheme would  be resource personnel assistants.

This project also portends opportunities for girls to explore the different value chain in this two areas, thereby having guided careers choices in tomorrow's work space. This project can also strong base for STEM education for girls. Support in terms of curriculum development and advice on resources would be appreciated for sustainability. 

BPW Club Premier Nigeria

Nigeria - Region Africa

Start of Project: Project started in 2 Schools in Abuja

Registration: Nov 2018








BPW Topic 7, 8

SDG 4, 5, 12