Leilao de Gado de Corte - Mulher BPW Campo Grande

Dar visibilidade a BPW como PROMOTORA e ORGANIZADORA de eventos de sustentabilidade.

BPW Campo Grande, Brazil, organizes and promotes the “Beef Cattle Auction – BPW Woman” a success and traditional event that completed its 18thedition on April 4, 2018. 

The auction is a business event where beef cattle, destined for breeding, feeding and fattening ist sold. Only women are animal vendors in this auction, so it is a way for BPW to give Business opportunity for women who work with beef cattle, in event, generally, for men.

Hel in partnership with the auctioneer, this event is considered a project of sustainability for BPW and the financial result is obtained from the value collected of 3% of whom sell and 4% of whom buy. Of this value, after withdrawing all the expenses of the auction, the net income is obtained, which is 50% for the auctioneer and 50% for the BPW. 

BPW Club Campo Grande

Brazil - Region Latin America

Start of Project: 

Registration: Apr 2018


Regiao Centro Oeste



BPW Topic 4, 5

SDG 5, 10, 18