Women and Human Rights in the Mediterranean - BPW Italy

The goal it’s to share ideas and projects with FIDAPA (Italian BPW) women to improve the application of Human Rights in the Mediterranean.


The project ‘Women and Human Rights in the Mediterranean’ aims to develop a White Paper which brings the reports of all 12 Mediterranean counties with FIDAPA* offices together. Those reports should relate the application of the Human Rights and the defence of women’s freedom, dignity and respect. The White Paper will be despatched to the FIDAPA BPW located in the Council of Europe and to the United Nations Organisation. 

*FIDAPA BPW, the Italian Federation of Business and Professional Women.


FIDAPA BPW wants to share with Mediterranean women ideas, projects and programs to improve the quality of the application of Human Rights.

BPW Italy

Italy - Region Europe

Start of Project: 2024

Duration: More than 1 year

Registration: March 2024





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BPW Topic 2, 3, 9

SDG 4, 5, 16