SC Development, Training and Employment Resource Guide

Collect and share training, development and employment activities within the BPW International community


BPW International is an organization already rich in knowledge and expertise missing a centralized location for us to find training, development, and employment resources. Therefore, our team aims to create jointly with you a resource guide of trainings, development, and employment programs/workshops in the BPW Worldwide community to be placed on the BPW website. This guide will provide access to lifelong learning opportunities for our members. 

The first step is to identify your clubs and federations training programs/workshops and activities that exist throughout your organization. This will provide a centralized platform to broaden our members’ knowledge and skills. 

Below, please find a link to the form that we created to collect all the information from your clubs and federations.  

BPW International Standing Committee Development, Training and Employment

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Region: International

Start of Project: 1.7.2023

Duration: Permanent

Registration: June 7, 2023







BPW Topic 1, 4, 8

SDG 5, 8, 18