BPW Philippines Officers’ Strategic Planning Unveiled

To focus on aligning the organization's Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Core Values with the BPW International strategic plan as well as SDG Goals.


BPW Philippines achieved a milestone on November 18, 2023, with its successful Strategic Planning Training & Workshop. The session began with a thorough SWOT analysis, exposing the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


This strategic planning session positions BPW Philippines for impactful growth, providing a clear roadmap for future initiatives and sustainable development embarked on a transformative journey, refining its vision, mission, and core strategies. 

BPW Philippines

Philippines - Region Asia Pacific

Start of Project: November 18, 2023

Duration: Unique event

Registration: December 13, 2023




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Project BPW Philippines

BPW Topic 1, 8, 11

SDG 10, 11