Mediation Training for Women in Eastern Ukraine

Grassroots peace project: Making communication easier or possible again in everyday life despite the war front.


The outbreak of war in September 2014 has brought much suffering and uncertainty to the Donbas region, Ukraine Society is divided into two camps, which makes everyday communication difficult or even impossible. Through an intermediary we got to know the organisation MBBI Mediators Beyond Borders International. MBBI has extensive experience with mediation in conflict areas all over the world. They work exclusively with women as grassroots work to improve communication in everyday life or to make it possible again. This brings peace into the lives of families, friends and also at the place of work. Translated with


Any support in funding is welcome. A project description will follow. Please contact me Suzanne Brunner.

BPW Club Bern

Switzerland - Region Europe

Start of Project: 7th of June 2019

Registration: March 2019


MBBI Mediators Beyond Borders International Trainers Prabha Sankaranarayan and Mary Montague





BPW Topic 9

SDG 16