Equal possibilities in working life for women of Moldova

Promotion of women leadership and entrepreneurs.


The Project "Equal possibilities in working life for women of Moldova" is carried out in cooperation with BPW Moldova and AFAM Moldova. The Project aims to encourage Moldova's enterprising young women to take leadership roles in social and professional life, and to help women reach their personal professional targets. To raise awareness and overcome the bottlenecks faced by Moldova's young women in the labor market, in setting goals in their professional life and in entrepreneurship. To develop their skills in effective communication, creating contacts and carrying out negotiations and to teach how to reach the key positions. The project targets women from rural areas and BPW Moldova and AFAM Moldova are specifically asked to invite women from smaller towns and rural areas to participate in the trainings. The project is built up on trainings in Russian language and contains classroom trainings, lean-in circles, networking, seminars using Skype, introduction of Estonian entrepreneurship and creating bonds between women. Duration 01.09.2017 – 31.07.2019. 

BPW Estonia

Estonia - Region Europe

Start of Project: Sept 2017

Registration: Jan 2018







BPW Topic 4

SDG 8, 5