World Environment Day - Hengchun White Sand Beach Cleanup - BPW Pingtung, Taiwan

Respond to environmental protection, keep trash out of ocean and do not litter.


In an era increasingly concerned with climate change, environmental pollution, and social issues, people all over the world are beginning to promote sustainable environmental protection through SDGs.

"What can we do about it?"

We can contribute to protecting our planet through activities such as planting trees, reducing energy consumption, quitting smoking, decreasing the use of private cars, supporting animal protection organizations, reducing food waste, participating in beach cleanups to maintain marine resources, and more.

With the combined efforts of individuals and communities, we can work together to create a better world and protect our Earth!

BPW Taiwan, Pingtung Club, led by President ShuYue Chang, organized a beach clean up event. Sisters braved the scorching sun, diligently searching for litter on the beach, fearing that one oversight could lead the litter back into the sea.

BPW Pingtung Club, Taiwan

Region: Asia Pacific

Start of Project: 20 March 2024

Duration: Unique Event

Registration: 9 May 2024






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BPW Topic 5

SDG 6, 14, 15