Fistules Obstetricales

Fistules Obestetricales


Project Leader

Kabré, Rasmata - Burkina Faso



3 Good Health and Wellbeing 

BPW Topic

6 Health


Project goal

Picking up women suffering from fistula in different villages and establishing a center which

  • prepares them for surgery
  • gives them a shelter for recovery
  • offers professional educations and
  • supports reintegration in their families and society


Centre for women recovering from fistula

The project, which Rasmata Kabré started already in 2003, has developed with the support of different partners like the UNDPA. In 2006 Rasmata Kabré founded her own FOUNDATION RAMA

She chairs it with partners such as

The center, a whole complex of buildings, consists of an office and consultation building, a school with kindergarden, a playing ground for children, dormitories, a kitchen building with open-air fireplaces, an open building for meetings, a garden for vegetables and a car with a driver for the transport of the women.


Project Leader

Kabré, Rasmata

Project Leader

Fistules Obstetricales


BPW Club Ouagadougou S

Burkina Faso


French, Moore, Dioula

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Rasmata Kabré grew up in Burkina Faso and became a midwife in 1995. She knew about the “Suffering in the Silence” or the “Fistules obstetricales” in her country and decided to help these women. In 2009 she established her first center and in 2012 she created her own Foundation “FOUNDATION RAMA”. She works in partnership with different organizations. In 2009 she organized the first Panafrican Congress on “Fistules obstericales” in Ouagadougou and in 2017 her second one.