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The project aims to develop young women’s abilities and network in solving various problems in the international society including gender issues.


BPW Japan started the UN CSW Internship project in 2003, initiated by Past President Masako Hiramatsu. Since CSW48, held in March 2004, the federation has sent 3-8 young women to the UN headquarter every year, who passed rigorous screening processes posed by the federation’s board members. The interns are provided with opportunities to attend CSW meetings, events, and dinner parties hosted by BPW International. These young women engage in various social activities, both domestic and international, as federation members during and after the internship. Now this is a 20-year running project and results in nearly 70 alumni. The project serves not only as an important contact point between young women and the federation, but also as a path for the young to pursue and build their careers for advocating gender-equal society.

BPW Japan

Japan - Region Asia Pacific

Start of Project: 2003

Duration: Permanent

Registration: December 2023




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BPW Topic 11, 12

SDG 5, 8, 18