Concours Educatif "Filles Sciences" - BPW Dakar SENEGAL

The objective of the competition is to strengthen girls' skills in Mathematics and French and attract them to scientific fields.


In Senegal, we have more women than men in the population. However, there are more men in science fields than women. Paradoxically. The female gender should be more present in scientific professions.  Unfortunately, even if parity is more or less assured up to the baccalaureate, few girls choose to pursue scientific studies because of factors related to their legal, institutional, political and cultural environment. This creates a huge shortfall in the country's development.BPW Senegal is committed to finding actions to attract and retain female talent in scientific fields in the form of a competition called "GIRLS SCIENCE". It is ready to make all the bets of its statutes that are essentially in line with one of the development objectives of the sustainable development, girls' education. 


This first edition is the test phase of the Girls Science Competition. The members of BPW Dakar Senegal join me in reaffirming our commitment to working together to build an environment where every girl can lead the way and thrive.

BPW Dakar

Senegal - Region Africa

Start of Project: December 2023


Registration: January 16, 2024




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BPW Topic 4

SDG 1, 8, 11