BUSINESSTOOL - Competenza Professionalità Valore

Conoscere le Socie sotto il profilo professionale. Apprezzare e condividere le competenze, il know how e le conoscenze presenti nella propria sezione

Ivana Gabriella Cenci

Maria Chiara Tonello

The initiative involves the creation of a professional database of Members: the "Professional Bank".

Each Member joins the project by making their professionalism, skills, passions and experiences available to the Section.

If needed, each Member can draw on the "BancaProfessionale" created within the Section, according to the established rules.

The relationship of professional exchange that will be established is based on the gratuity of a first consultancy and on the trust that is granted by the Society that uses it.


- Get to know the members from a professional point of view

- Appreciate and share the skills, know-how and knowledge present in their section

- Compare work experiences

- Ability to access highly professional advice

- Create a network and support female professionalism

- Expanding the business potential among the members of the section

BPW Italy Sezione di Vicenza - Club

Italy - Region Europe

Start of Project: March 2021

Registration: March 18, 2021







BPW Topic 1, 4, 8

SDG 8, 9, 17