Bees & Trees

Bees & Trees


Project Leader 

Chiappetta, Eliana - Brazil



15 Life on Land 

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5 Environment, Agriculture, Nature, Water


In 2016, BPW IJUI / Brazil, together with some partner authorities:

FARSUL - Agriculture Federation of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

SENAR - National Rural Learning Service (Brasilia/Brazil)

FARGS - University of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

and  Ijui Beekeepers Association,

will establish the Qualification Program, called PoliagriRS.


The program will have the following stages:

  • Lectures about awareness and capture of agents to participate in the following stages:
  • Courses given by SENAR (beekeeping, agricultural pollination)
  • Support to the associations of this sector.
  • Permanent program system of monitoring and promotion 


Project Leader

Chiappetta, Eliana

Project Leader

Bees & Trees

BPW Brasil, Club Brasil

Past President BPW Ijuí-RS-Brazil



Portuguese (native language), French, Italian, English and Spanish

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Eliana Mucari Chiappetta, born December 29, 1952, Brazilian

Sociology and Politics -School of Librarian Science. Foundation School of Sociology and Politics, Brazil

Post-graduatation in Agribusiness. Foundation José Irmão Otão (PUC) –Brazil

ISA ( International Soyabens Associations) in USA – since 2005

IFA (International Fertilize Associations around the world) – since 2008

BPW Associate: since 2005, having participated in all BPW International Congress, except in 2011 (in Finland)