My Grand Ma and Me in Arabic أنا و تيتا

Create a cottage to receive during the day a Grand Mother and her grandson or granddaughter.


For the past five years, and due to the Lebanese economic crisis, most of the young married couples suffer from lack of budget, what drives them to drop the idea of daycare and opt for a less expensive and more beneficial solution, which is to switch their parent’s home and place to be a daycare for their progeny. The aim of this project is to create a cottage where grandparents and little ones can be together. This project, and above all, will offer not only a secured place for both 3rd and 1st ages, but it will provides physical and specially moral protection. The relationship between old and young members will be full of joy, love, satisfaction and care. Not to mention that this location will provide for both a day full of activities, entertainment and hobbies. It is a long term project which will facilitate and help the whole family circle: The young couples, their babies and the grandparents. 

BPW Federation Lebanon

Lebanon - Region Asia Pacific

Start of Project: as soon as possible

Registration: August 10, 2019







BPW Topic 6

SDG 3, 8