Empowering Women in Emotional Intelligence Leadership for In and Out of Work

To facilitate women to develop their EQ skills in order to accelerate their performance while maintaining well-being.


Women are faced with many multiple challenges as they hold different roles both in and out of work. Due to the increasing demands and expectations from external parties, women are constantly suffering depression, burnout and chronic stress. Women who hold leadership role in workplace faced performance and health issues both at personal and team levels. In order to eleviate and manages stress effectively, the program help women to create self-awareness at the emotional, mental and physical level. This self-awareness facilitate women to scale up their emotional intelligence and build resilience. By having resilience, stress are better managed that leads to a healthier mental state. It is crucial for women to manage their emotions positively as this will lead them to be better leaders. This program supports SDG 3 - Health and Well-Being. 

BPW Club Damansara

Malaysia - Region Asia Pacific

Start of Project: Jan 2016

Registration: Nov 2018





Facebook: Ida Hanim Kamaruddin



BPW Topic 6, 8

SDG 3, 4