Women Entrepreneurial Empowerment Scheme

To help the identified rural/semi-urban women access micro credit to enhance their business or to start their business.


The project is the pilot of a series of social and financial interventions as well as capacity building scheme for subsistence-level women engaged in trading, tailoring, food vendoring, milling services and other trades. The soft loan with a moratorium period of 6 (six) months was disbursed to 35 (thirty-five) women in 2 (two) semi-urban communities within the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Nigeria viz: Damangaza in Lokongoma and Kado Kuchi in Jahi. It is intended that the monitoring and evaluation function would yield critical success stories therefrom. In the long term, more women would be able to access the funds and benefit from the business processes capacity building. It is intended that the loan amount be reviewed upwards subsequently. In addition, the amount to be disbursed in future will reflect individual beneficiary's operational needs unlike the pilot scheme where a flat sum was given to each person.

BPW Club Abuja Premier, BPW Nigeria

Nigeria - Region Africa

Start of Project: 24th February 2018

Registration: Apr 2018





BPW Topic 5, 4

SDG 8, 4