Installation Of Manual Pump Borehole At Hausa Quarters Damangaza

Foto by UNICEF
Foto by UNICEF

Provision of potable water to enhance the overall health and sanitation of the community.


The installation of a manual pump borehole in the Hausa Quarter of the Damangaza community based on the outcome of a needs analysis embarked upon by Vaccine Network, a veritable collaborator/partner in BPW Premiere's community social intervention schemes. Water and sanitation are critical areas of need in the Damangaza community as a whole, but more so in the Hausa Quarter. Women and children in the Quarter had to travel a considerable distance to get potable water. Locating the borehole there is pivotal to enhancing the overall health of the community and contributes to the ease of doing some of the women's business utilizing water.

BPW Club Abuja Premier, BPW Nigeria

Nigeria - Region Africa

Start of Project: November 2017

Registration: Apr 2018





BPW Topic 5

SDG 9, 6