Deworming Of Children And Adults In Damangaza, Abuja

To help prevent the negative effects worm infestation have on children's and adult's health, nutrition, cognitive abilities and productivity in the community.


Untreated worm infestation can lead to chronic diseases, which can occasion suffering and ultimately death. This is often linked to reduced cognitive development and other social activities impacting on the general economic development of the community. It is veritable investment in human capital. In adult, it can lead to decreased productivity. The project administered Tanzol  a brand of Albendazole oral suspension for children and Albendazole tablets for adults. Administration was done for the children both at the school and at the community square for effective coverage. 

BPW Club Abuja Premier, BPW Nigeria

Nigeria - Region Africa

Start of Project: July 2017

Registration: Apr 2018







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