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Women & Media - Roshan, Sepi - Great Britain - UN SDG 5: Gender Equality


The media can play a significant role in either perpetuating or challenging social norms, behaviours and stereotypes. Unfortunately, all too often, we see a media that is complicit in reinforcing negative and degrading images of women and girls, as well as an unbalanced picture of their diverse lives and contributions. As a result, we continue to see the objectification and hyper-sexualisation of women and girls , one-dimensional images and portrayals of women and girls and increasing rates of violence towards women and girls. 

Advances in information and communications technologies continue to transcend national boundaries. While the prevalence of the internet has arguably democratised access to knowledge, information and education, it has also produced new threats to women and girls. Virtual spaces are sometimes used for direct attacks on women and girls, ranging from cyber-bullying to postings of inappropriate images, putting women and girls at risk. According to an expert report to the Commission on the Status of Women, women have increasingly reported incidents of footage of them engaged in sexual activity, including rapes being posted on Internet sites without their consent. Spreading negative and degrading images and views about women affects that way in which men and boys relate to women, thereby, negating steps towards a collaborative approach to equality.

There is a clear commitment to change the state of play regarding women and the media by the UN. 


Project Leader

Roshan, Sepi

Project Leader

Women & Media

BPW UK, Club London

Great Britain

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As a communications, leadership and media skills expert, Sepi empowers organisations and professionals to develop sharper focus, reduce stress and overcome barriers more quickly. Drawing on her diverse background, Sepi has developed innovative techniques inspired by ancient and contemporary wisdom, for practical and meaningful application. Sepi has worked with C-Suite Executives, Regulators and key stakeholders in diverse professional environments, such as Big 4 accounting firms, listed blue-chip companies, government, academia and not-for-profit organisations. Sepi’s finance background in governance, policy, advocacy and lobbying coupled with her consulting expertise, produces a unique and unparalleled blend of expertise. Personally, Sepi has Iranian heritage and grew up in Australia. She have been living in London since 2006.

Languages: English, Farsi