Rossi, Alga - PILOT Team Member

Rossi, Alga

PILOT Team Member

BPW Italy, Club Milano

BPW Club Milano President

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Graduated in Electronics, joins the Mathematics Faculty in Milan.

Project Manager Certification by A.N.I.M.P. (IPMA Level D)

Interested in psychology and violence

Professional Experiences:   

FIDAPA BPW Italy Milano club.

As President I managed three major projects:

1.    EXPO 2016  “BtoB Women in Ethic Business” Forum in MIlano

2.    SHANGHAI 2016 (PRC), Participate with a national delegation to SHANGHAI WOMEN FEDERATION FORUM to build a permanent relationship between Entrepreneurs. Chaired the workshop “Women as leaders: managing resources, expanding business opportunities and innovating problem solving”

3.    Member of International Committee of Health Chairman Luisa Monini. I’m contributing to develop an educational project for “Health and wellness among school boys and students through proper eating habits”


1.    Business Process Reengineering and Projects leader

2.    Responsible for a companywide Change Management Project Internal Controls and SOX Coordinator

In addition, volunteers as Coordinating Manager at Clinica Mangiagalli of Milano Policlinico Hospital, commits in fighting Violence agains Women. 

Languages: Italian, English, French