Géraldine Crevat and her Intercontinental Online Meetings

Question Time with Géraldine Crevat – To BPW Members Around the World!

Virtual event from BPW FIDAPA Vicenza-Italy

BPW from all over the world were attending this meeting, Brazil was represented, Canada with Quebec, a BPW from Tennessee, France, Switzerland, and of course Italy from Sicily over Rome to Vicenza. 

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, newly elected International President, made her first public appearance and addressed the audience. 

And also Dr. Giuseppina Seidita came forward as newly elected Vice President Membership.

Host Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli led the evening with competence, effortlessly changing the language between Italian, French and English. 

Géraldine Crevat introduced us to her BPW International Member Project Intercontinental Online Meetings.

She told us about her first ideas for an online BPW Club. In 2016, out of her first ideas, she developed the two Member Projects within the new BPW PILOT tool*, namely International Mobility and Intercontinental Online Meetings. With smart strategy and tireless effort, she developed the two projects into a success story. 

The online meetings take place every month, representatives from other Clubs and Federations report from their countries taking into account the cultural, economic and political aspects. 

Since April 2020, Géraldine has held 11 meetings on COVID, written contributions of the visitors were collected in a document that today shows the evolution in the time of the pandemic. 

With many questions, reports and accounts of their experiences with the Online Meetings, the participants took an active part in the conversation. You could strongly feel the gratitude for the existence of these Online Meetings. Congratulations, Géraldine, on this successful and very popular BPW International Member Project. 

Ursula Schmid - April 9, 2021

*This project is an example of how an individual BPW member can develop her idea into a successful project under the roof of BPW International within the tool of BPW PILOT Projects Member Projects.