PILOT Meeting in Zurich

The international Vice President Catherine Bosshart met the PILOT Team members, Antoinette Rüegg, PILOT Chair, Daniela Rigassi, PILOT Administrator, and Ursula Schmid, PILOT Webmaster, in Zurich.

The registration for Club- and Federation PROJECTS is available on our website www.bpw-international.org in

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian (asap)
  • Portuguese
  • and German

Showing the Projects of our Clubs and Federations

  • makes the BPW performances visible
  • allows synergies and cooperation
  • are necessary to keep e.g. the BPW accreditation at different UN Agencies.

The 3 PILOT tools

  • Club & Federation Projects
  • Member Projects
  • Experts

support the Sustainable Development of BPW, a main topic at the next Leaders’ Summit in New York.

Sustainable Development, a focus of our International Theme, is also imperative for our organization BPW.

Therefore a BLOG

Sustainable Development of BPW or

1930 – 2018 – 2030: Future of BPW? 

will be launched shortly before the Leaders’ Summit in March.



Antoinette Rüegg, Past President BPW International

Zurich, February 9, 2018