Requests for approval


Requests for approval

Request for approval for Member Projects (Project Leaders, Project Members, Experts, Reports 2019, Financial Reports 2019)

Please check the requests for approval from 1st to 6th day of each month.

If you do not approve, please return the online form at the bottom with your objections and your arguments. 

The registrations without objections will be put online on the 7th of each month.

March 2020

Please check from April 1st to 6th, 2020

Member Projects and Project Leaders

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Project Members

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Projects 2017     Reports 2019/2020
Giving Life Cruz Eunice Brasil  
International Legal Advice Ippolito Euphemia Italy

Report 2019/2020

Triennial Report 2017-2020

Triennial Report Finance 2017-2020

River of Hope Doron Claudia Switzerland deleted, has left BPW
Sickle Cell Disorder Olunaike Josephine Nigeria  
UN Global Compact Initiative Forsythe Marilyn Australia  
Projects 2016     Reports 2019/2020
Bees & Trees Chiappetta Mucari Eliana Brasil



Culture Smart Marius Johanna & Salem Dahlia Germany



International Mobility Crevat Géraldine France



Online Meeting Crevat Géraldine France



Solar Water Pump Jeanneret Vezzini Karin




Women and Media  Roshan Sepi United Kingdom Project withdrawn

Financial Reports

The Financial Reports will not be published in the open part of the website.

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