Successful Member Project "Global Compact"



Project Leader Marilyn Forsythe presented her Member Project Global Compact at the BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Bangkok in October 2018. She was invited by our BPW International UN Chair Catherine Bosshart to cooperate with her, and the Regional Coordinator for Latin America, Diana Barragan, invited her to present Global Compact at the Latin America Regional Conference in Quito next September.

Marilyn Forsythe

BPW Regional Conference Asia Pacific

BPW Regional Conference Asia Pacific,  Bangkok, November 1st 2018:


Daniela Rigassi, PILOT Administrator, with her presentation about "Sustainable Development of BPW by PILOT Tools"


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River of Hope - News October 2018

My name is Claudia Doron, member of BPW Rheintal, Switzerland and founder and project manager of River of Hope. Me and my team are active since 2010 outside Kinshasa in DR Congo, where we build the Campus Tala Mosika, an infrastructure for an entire region. We have also analysed what the 17 sustainable goals from the Agenda 2030 mean to us. You wish to know more, support the vulnerable women and their families or simply here more about it? PN me! Happy to share and connect!

Online Meeting: BPW Cyprus by Kikoula Cotsapas

Great Short story

Kikoula Cotsapas


When I started working at the family industry years ago we had an Association of juice producers and packers with the five Cypriot industries as members. The Association's annual presidency went in turn to each member.

That particular year it was our turn but my father asked me to take the chair as he was too busy with a couple of new projects at the factory. When I said so at the Directors' meeting I realized that my colleagues were utterly surprised and looked at each other in disbelief. Finally one of them said I should not be bothered with such matters and advised me ''to send instead a man from the office”. I gathered all my courage and answered that I will take the chair and if I felt I could not cope I should step down for one of the other Directors to take over.

I was voted Chairperson of the Association for the next 10 years.

Life in Brazil

Life in Brazil - Online Meeting Sept. 2018

On September 26th Géraldine Crevat, project leader of the Member Project: Online Meetings,  organized an exchange on Brazil. 

Beatriz Rosa and Lode Saliba Raffoul, BPW Sao Paulo, offered an excellent presentation and answered questions from participants from all Regions.


Presentation (pdf) 

Alexia Weill, BPW Expert, debuts in New York City

Newsletter Autumn 2018


Alexia Weill debuts in New-York City from October 19 to 25 at 287/LES. With deep thanks to Corcoran Marketing New Development and maoneworld.

Invitation to a special event celebrating Alexia Weill's debut coming shortly!

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PILOT meeting in Zurich - Questions

QUESTIONS which Ursula Schmid, Webmaster BPW Cluster website, and Antoinette Rüegg, PILOT Chair, discussed at their PILOT meeting in Zurich:

-      How to replace banal Facebook posts by meaningful statements?

-      Women, in contrast to men, do not show their performances. Unfortunately BPW practice this bad habit, too … what to do? See

-      How to realize our BPW goal in a sustainable manner? As sustainability is part of our International Theme the topic will be discussed in a BLOG. See

-      End of August webmaster Ursula Schmid offers a one day instruction: How to create and update a website in easy CMS?

Empowering BPW - Empowering Ourselves

The PILOT Team Members Catherine Bosshart, Daniela Rigassi, Ursula Schmid and Antoinette Rüegg met before the Annual Meeting of BPW Switzerland.

They prepared the paper which asks the Delegates and participants of the meeting

PILOT: From Member Projects to Project Pool

The PILOT concept has developed. 

The new name BPW Project Pool unifies the 3 tools

  • Clubs & Federations Projects
  • Member Projects
  • Experts

You find all information and registration forms on  

Register your Club & Federation Project now and make it visible!

Show your Member Project in BPW setting and profit from BPW connections and prestige!

Offer your expertise to BPW Projects and support development!

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Art Expert Alexia Weill supports Equal Pay Day

A huge shopping bag, bright red, soft and flexible, with a big writable area for messages of solidarity! This creation was presented in Lausanne last week by BPW Alexia Weill and members of BPW Club Lausanne.

With this work of art Alexia Weill, BPW Expert for Art and Sculpture within the BPW Project Pool, has created a sculpture in view of the near 24th of February, the 10th anniversary of the Equal Pay Day in Switzerland. 

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