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Chiappetta, Eliana - Project Leader

Chiappetta, Eliana

Project Leader

Bees & Trees

BPW Brasil, Club Brasil


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Eliana Mucari Chiappetta, born December 29, 1952, Brazilian

Sociology and Politics -School of Librarian Science. Foundation School of Sociology and Politics, Brazil

Post-graduatation in Agribusiness. Foundation José Irmão Otão (PUC) –Brazil

ISA ( International Soyabens Associations) in USA – since 2005

IFA (International Fertilize Associations around the world) – since 2008

BPW Associate: since 2005, having participated in all BPW International Congress, except in 2011 (in Finland) 

Languages: Portuguese (native language), French, Italian, English and Spanish

C.G. - Project Leader


Project Leader

International Mobility

Online Meeting

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Cruz, Eunice - Project Leader

Cruz, Eunice

Project Leader

Giving Life

BPW Brasil, Presidente Prudente


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Advogada, Administradora de Empresas, Bacharel em Comunicação, Coach pela Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching e Practitioner em PNL. Pós-graduada em Direito Civil e Processo Civil, Educação Especial,  Gestão de Pessoas e Desenvolvimento Humano, Direitos Humanos e Inclusão,  Planejamento das Políticas Sociais e Gestão do Terceiro Setor. Cursou Especialização em Relações Humanas Internacionais na Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais da Universidade de Sorbonne no Quartier latin de Paris. Por 15 anos foi executiva em empresas multinacionais na cidade de São Paul. Há 23 anos é Advogada militante em Direito Criminal e Direito de Família, Consultora, Palestrante, Professora Universitária, Articulista e Facilitadora em Cursos e Treinamentos.  É sócia proprietária da Girassol – Desenvolvimento Humano. Conselheira no CNDM e do CIESP/FIESP, Presidente da Organização Soroptimista de Presidente Prudente e  Presidente da Federação das Associações de Mulheres de Negócios e Profissionais - BPW Brasil.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Doron, Claudia - Project Leader

Doron, Claudia

Project Leader

River of Hope 

BPW Switzerland, Club Rheintal


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My name is Claudia Doron, I grew up in the eastern part of Switzerland and live now with my family in the Rhine Valley, Switzerland. I have extensive international Management expertise acquired in Europe, the Middle East and North America, including Project management, consulting, training and development in the Hospitality Industry. In addition to my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, I am a licensed and certi ed Coach ECA/POY & Hospitality Trainer and was teaching intercultural Competence to HR Management students at a professional school in Buchs. Since 2006 I am self-employed as a Relocation Manager and created the non-pro t organisation River of Hope in 2010 with a project in DR Congo, where we built a centre outside Kinshasa. We activate the economy in a village in poverty with a micro-economic approach. I received 2 awards: The 3rd Integration-Price "golden Enzian" in 2010 for my work in the Rhine Valley and the “Trophée des Femmes” from Yves Rocher in 2016, for my project in Congo. 

Languages: German, English, French

Eimiakhena, Annie - Project Leader

Eimiakhena, Annie (Anastasia)

Project Leader

Building Board Ready Women

BPW Lekki, Lagos Nigeria


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An experienced management consultant of over 20 years, Annie Eimiakhena, has been involved in a wide range of consulting assignments. Starting with a career in the ICT industry, Annie was involved with implementing banking applications within the Financial Services industry under Tara Systems Limited and Computer Systems Associates. With her Technology experience, Annie was hired in Accenture to strengthen the Technology Competency, particularly with the firm’s thrust on Technology and Outsourcing. Leaving Accenture in 2004, after six years of consulting exposure to various sectors in Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Real Estate, Lohi Consulting came into being. Lohi Consulting, established over 12 years ago, was a venture taken up by Annie with the firm belief that the company can extend management consultancy services to small and medium sized companies. Armed with this strategy, Lohi Consulting worked with a number of companies in developing winning business plans and corporate strategy that will assist these companies with their growth plans. Lohi Consulting has worked with various organizations in the areas of Strategy, Process, Technology and People Development. Annie has evolved to be a certified Human Resource practitioner, being an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and a certified trainer from the Center of Management Development (CMD) which has positioned her to develop the right competencies in workforce development: human resource strategies, recruitment and selection; performance management systems; personnel administration and industrial relations management. Annie has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Lagos Business School, PanAtlantic University. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Languages: English, French

Forsythe, Marilyn - Project Leader


Project Leader

UN Global Compact Initiative 

BPW Australia, Club Cessnock


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Marilyn joined BPW in 1999 and was National President from 2007 to 2013. Marilyn is currently Oceania Sub Regional Coordinator (2014 to 2017). In 2010 Marilyn became a Life Member of BPW Australia.  From 2011 Marilyn has been the Project Leader of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) encouraging Federations to become Participants to the UNGC. Marilyn has a passion for equal pay and gender equity. While President of Australia Marilyn started a campaign for Australian women to have Paid Parental Leave and it was successful when the National Government introduced Paid Parental Leave in 2001. Marilyn was the Leader of the National Equal Pay Alliance that was started by BPW Australia and now has 100 member organisations and over 300,000 women members. For her commitment to gender issues and the rights of people, Marilyn has received two awards from BPW International. Marilyn has a commitment to charity work and was a Board Member of UNIFEM Australia (UN Women) for three years and the founder of the global UNIFEM Spring Walk Campaign. The campaign raised thousands of dollars to help the women of East Timor who had suffered during the guerrilla insurgence. Marilyn had a 35 year career in middle management in NSW Public Hospitals. Marilyn was honoured by becoming a Life Member in 2011 of the Health Services Union for her advocacy and representing members across a broad spectrum of women and men. Marilyn holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Management) and a Graduate Diploma Change Management.

Languages: English

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Ippolito, Eufemia - Project Leader


Project Leader

International Legal Advice 

BPW Italy, Club Gravina in Puglia

BPW Italy Past President


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Graduated in law


Graduated in French language and Literature 

Attorney at law (specialised in company law, EU law, International law), Professor of company law - retired.

Since 2009 to 2017 representative of BPW International in the Conference of  INGOs in the Council of Europe

2016/2017 Member  group:   “Brussels Follow-up #  5: Women on Boards 

Since 2004 to 2008   EWL Board Member  (BPW International, European Region) BPW Europe

2004 -2006     Membership  Committee ( EWL) for Verification of the Statutes Member States and financial statement analysis.

Since 2013 to 2017 BPW Italy Representative  in Committee for Equal Opportunities within  the Ministry of Labour – Rome

2011-2013 BPW Italy Representative in Committee for Equal Opportunities within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Rome. 

BPW Italy Past National President 

Languages: Italian, French, Spanish, English

Jeanneret Vezzini, Karin - Project Leader

Jeanneret Vezzini, Karin

Project Leader

Solar Water Pump 

BPW Switzerland, Club Biel/Bienne


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Karin Jeanneret Vezzini, born in Switzerland (1965), married, 2 children. Attorney-at-law with own law office (Jeanneret Law) and since 2016, CEO of ennos ag, a Swiss company who designed a highly efficient solar water pump for smallholder farmers (www.ennos.ch). Founder member of BPW Biel-Bienne (1996), Switzerland. President of BPW Biel-Bienne 2014-2018.

Languages: German, English, French

Kabre, Rasmata - Project Leader


Project Leader

Obstetrical Fistulae 

BPW Burkina Faso, Club Ouagadougou

Burkina Faso

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Rasmata Kabré grew up in Burkina Faso and became a midwife in 1995. She knew about the “Suffering in the Silence” or the “Fistules obstetricales” in her country and decided to help these women. In 2009 she established her first center and in 2012 she created her own Foundation “FOUNDATION RAMA”. She works in partnership with different organizations. In 2009 she organized the first Panafrican Congress on “Fistules obstericales” in Ouagadougou and in 2017 her second one. 

Languages: French

Marius, Johanna - Project Leader

Marius, Johanna

Project Leader,

Culture Smart 

BPW Germany, Club München


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Intercultural Trainer, Member of the Board of BPW Germany.

Johanna started out on the road to becoming an intercultural trainer with a translator/interpreter diploma. Originally from Munich, she lived in the USA, Italy and Western Samoa before finding her way back to Munich. She now owns an intercultural training institute and specializes in preparing her clients for working internationally and living abroad.

She serves on the board of BPW Germany where she is responsible for leadership and lifelong learning programs. In this capacity and based on her experience as a successful entrepreneur, she gives support to women who wish to develop their leadership skills.

Languages: German, English, French, Italian

Olunaike, Josephine - Project Leader

Olunaike, Josephine

Project Leader

Sickle Cell Disorder

BPW Nigeria, Club Zenith, Abuja


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I am Josephine Olunaike, born on the 12th of March, 1972. From Edo State of Nigeria. Lived and did most of my early schooling in Lagos state of Nigeria and later proceed to Ilorin in Kwara State for my university degree.

Member of the Business and Professional Women and founder of Beulah Sickle Cell Foundation in Nigeria.

Being a survivor of Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD), I have dedicated most part of myself into helping other affected people and their families to walk through this terrible, painful, agonising and dehumanising disease which could even lead to death. Many already have lost friends, family members, acquittance through SCD including myself who lost two brothers ages 18 and 37 years. Its indeed very painful.

This inspired the formation of Beulah Sickle cell club/foundation whose major purpose is to minimise or eradicate SCD in Nigeria and other African countries where it is mostly prevalent. To also imprint upon the society that SCD is not a death sentence

Married to Mr. Olunaike Adekunle. Currently working and living with my family in Abuja, Nigeria. 

Languages: English, Yoruba, Okpella

Reda Katia - Project Leader

Reda, Katia

Project Leader

Living Together - Helping Each Other

Fidapa BPW Club Soverato


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I am working since 1986 in State High School belonging to the Ministry of Education in Italy.

Since I have got my degree, with honor, I concentrate myself in travelling abroad with students during summer. I have taken students all over the world to attend Summer language courses in English, from Australia to USA.

In 1986, I took my first job in Italian High Schools.

I belong to FIDAPA BPW ITALY since 2000 and I always had a role of coordinator of BPW International inside my Club. I have been elected as President in 2011 till 2013 and in those years I realized a Congress with the participation of IPP - Tuulikki Jussela- on “Empower women in society”.

I work now on International level with Mentoring Program and my chair is Carla Laura Petruzzelli.

I am working at University of Magna Grecia since 2015 and I teach English at Biomedical Engineering Faculty.

My own mission is to help women on realizing themselves, since I have had everything I needed from life.

Helping and encouraging is my aim.

Languages: Italian, English

Salem, Dahlia - Project Leader

Salem, Dahlia

Project Leader,

Culture Smart 

BPW Germany, Club München


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My name is Dahlia Salem; I am graduated from faculty of Economics and political Sci. Cairo Univ. I worked as a banker in Commercial international Bank then I got married, and I moved to Holland, Ethiopia and then South Korea. In Ethiopia, I worked as a volunteer in the UN Women’s Assoc.; I also participated in several sessions of awareness for teenagers. I wrote an article under the title “Lack of Communication between Teenagers and their Parents “that published in the Newsletter of UN families on Dec.2002. I participated in cross-cultural debates with different nationalities in South Korea. I also participated in the 6th African Congress for Women Entrepreneurs organized by EBWA, in Apr. 2011, and then I wrote the conference report. I presented a session in the German School, in Cairo, under the theme “How to avoid Culture Shock” on Nov.2012. Currently I am a member of the Board of Directors of Diwan of Knowledge for Cultural Development Assoc.

Languages: Arabic, English, German, Japanese