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  • Are you working on an issue?
  • Would you like to profit from the connections and the prestige that BPW International can offer?
  • Would you like your project to be visible or offer your expertise?

You are welcome to read the guidelines and register your project or register yourself as an expert.


GOALS of BPW International Member Projects and Experts

  • Taking responsibility for one’s own project means practicing leadership and “learning by doing” which provides the best training for personal empowerment. “Learning by doing” challenges and develops all kinds of competences, especially crucial emotional competences. A truly strong and self-confident woman is the most powerful change agent for gender equality.
  • Offering our members a platform where they can try out new ideas works like an incubator which facilitates innovation, creativity and the discovery of new paths.
  • It is imperative that BPW can show its numerous and very diverse performances. It stimulates and motivates active women and over all, founders and sponsors can experience the power of BPW.

We thank you for your contribution


On behalf of the PILOT Team

Antoinette Rüegg, Past President BPW International & PILOT Team Chair

News & Events

Dubai Exhibition by Alexia Weill, BPW Expert

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BPW Leaders' Summit 2019 on Sustainable Development of BPW

BPW Leaders' Summit 2019 in New York

The topic of the first day, 8th March - and International Women's Day:

18th SDG: Sustainable Development of BPW


Foto: Regions working intensively on sustainable developmet of BPW 

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RegART 10 sur l'égalité

2019 is the 10th year of Equal Pay Day in Switzerland. BPW Club Lausanne, together with the Office of Equality between women and men of the State of Vaud and with the Community of the City of Lausanne, are presenting the exhibition RegART10 on equality

Alexia Weill, Expert of BPW International Member Projects, is one of the presenting artists. 

Please find the invitation to the vernissage and the finissage to this event on

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4th Container Challenge - A River of Hope

The 4th Container Challenge 

Member Project A River of Hope by Claudia Doron

Read the newspaper article in "Tagblatt" from January 28, 2019 (link):

Solarpanels, Fussballtore und Möbel: Hilfsgüter für den Kongo stehen in Gams bereit 

4th Container Challenge with snow fall and -2 degrees

How you fit 4 "Junior" goals, 16 Spints, 4 palettes of Solar panels, 60 chairs and lot of sports material and x- boxes of shoes, cloth, office material in a 20'Container? 

1. You need an amazing and motivated team! 

2. Great example: the power of diversity & inclusion

3. The leader who know everyone & the content

4. The Motivators and positive thinkers who cheer up

5. The Packer with logistic experience

6. The Strong ones who follow instructions

7. The Helpers who are here and everywhere

8. And the cook who is organising a nice meal to celebrate the great effort and the fact that all went in!!!!

Thank you all for your help and to all the donations a huge thank you!!!

Successful Member Project "Global Compact"



Project Leader Marilyn Forsythe presented her Member Project Global Compact at the BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Bangkok in October 2018. She was invited by our BPW International UN Chair Catherine Bosshart to cooperate with her, and the Regional Coordinator for Latin America, Diana Barragan, invited her to present Global Compact at the Latin America Regional Conference in Quito next September.

Marilyn Forsythe