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GOALS of BPW International Member Projects and Experts

  • Taking responsibility for one’s own project means practicing leadership and “learning by doing” which provides the best training for personal empowerment. “Learning by doing” challenges and develops all kinds of competences, especially crucial emotional competences. A truly strong and self-confident woman is the most powerful change agent for gender equality.
  • Offering our members a platform where they can try out new ideas works like an incubator which facilitates innovation, creativity and the discovery of new paths.
  • It is imperative that BPW can show its numerous and very diverse performances. It stimulates and motivates active women and over all, founders and sponsors can experience the power of BPW.

We thank you for your contribution


On behalf of the PILOT Team

Antoinette Rüegg, Past President BPW International & PILOT Team Chair

News & Events

PILOT meeting in Zurich - Questions

QUESTIONS which Ursula Schmid, Webmaster BPW Cluster website, and Antoinette Rüegg, PILOT Chair, discussed at their PILOT meeting in Zurich:

-      How to replace banal Facebook posts by meaningful statements?

-      Women, in contrast to men, do not show their performances. Unfortunately BPW practice this bad habit, too … what to do? See

-      How to realize our BPW goal in a sustainable manner? As sustainability is part of our International Theme the topic will be discussed in a BLOG. See

-      End of August webmaster Ursula Schmid offers a one day instruction: How to create and update a website in easy CMS?

Empowering BPW - Empowering Ourselves

The PILOT Team Members Catherine Bosshart, Daniela Rigassi, Ursula Schmid and Antoinette Rüegg met before the Annual Meeting of BPW Switzerland.

They prepared the paper which asks the Delegates and participants of the meeting

PILOT: From Member Projects to Project Pool

The PILOT concept has developed. 

The new name BPW Project Pool unifies the 3 tools

  • Clubs & Federations Projects
  • Member Projects
  • Experts

You find all information and registration forms on  

Register your Club & Federation Project now and make it visible!

Show your Member Project in BPW setting and profit from BPW connections and prestige!

Offer your expertise to BPW Projects and support development!

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Art Expert Alexia Weill supports Equal Pay Day

A huge shopping bag, bright red, soft and flexible, with a big writable area for messages of solidarity! This creation was presented in Lausanne last week by BPW Alexia Weill and members of BPW Club Lausanne.

With this work of art Alexia Weill, BPW Expert for Art and Sculpture within the BPW Project Pool, has created a sculpture in view of the near 24th of February, the 10th anniversary of the Equal Pay Day in Switzerland. 

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Next Intercontinental Online Meeting - Register Now!

Invitation of Géraldine Crevat, Member Project Leader of “International Mobility” and “Online Meetings”, to her next intercontinental online Skype meeting:

Past International President Liz Benham 

will speak about 

American women’s way of life and her concerns


Wednesday, 21st February,

9 pm, Central European Time CET

For registrations please contact

Registration deadline: Sunday, 18 February 2018