Living Together - Helping Each Other

Living Together - Helping Each Other


Reda, Katia - Italy



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1° Obtaining cooperation among BPW members with specific competence in tourism, technologies/ marketing, art&craft, as well as agriculture and textile. 2° Supporting women for business in the field of tourism, creating network among countries through the BPW network.


2° Supporting women for business in the field of tourism, creating network among countries through the BPW network.


3° Creating benefits not only for people who travel, but also for people in the communities they visit and for their respective natural, social and cultural environments


Project Leader

Reda, Katia

Project Leader

Living Together - Helping Each Other

Fidapa BPW Club Soverato


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I am working since 1986 in State High School belonging to the Ministry of Education in Italy.

Since I have got my degree, with honor, I concentrate myself in travelling abroad with students during summer. I have taken students all over the world to attend Summer language courses in English, from Australia to USA.

In 1986, I took my first job in Italian High Schools.

I belong to FIDAPA BPW ITALY since 2000 and I always had a role of coordinator of BPW International inside my Club. I have been elected as President in 2011 till 2013 and in those years I realized a Congress with the participation of IPP - Tuulikki Jussela- on “Empower women in society”.

I work now on International level with Mentoring Program and my chair is Carla Laura Petruzzelli.

I am working at University of Magna Grecia since 2015 and I teach English at Biomedical Engineering Faculty.

My own mission is to help women on realizing themselves, since I have had everything I needed from life.

Helping and encouraging is my aim.

Languages: Italian, English

Project Members

Donato, Angela

Project Member

Living Together - Helping Each Other

FIDAPA BPW Club Soverato


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I am a member of Fidapa BPW Italy from the club of Soverato, since 2011, I am very proud to submit my request as member of the Pilot Project “Living Together, helping each other”

Expert in Tourism with a strong breakdown in development of project and good experience to offer to the BPW , I have good experience to offer, I have been working with International Chain of Hotels in Egypt and I have been working in the development of the area of MarsaAlam, with different experience in middle East in Syria, Jordan and Emirates, and I started my own office in Egypt as well, Solution for Marketing and Technical Service.

I started my activities in Italy as Tour Operator in the 2001, for the Outbound and Inbound tourism I am creative and hardworking, and I have an excellent academic record and professional experience at home and overseas.

I am a person able to keep good relation with people, good capacity of organization able to creating target business development and marketing strategies, putting together professional teams of people who are all pulling in the same direction.

Languages: Italian, English