Intergenerational Dialogue

Intergenerational Dialogue


Neelima Basnet, Nepal, and Anne Hilty, Hongkong


BPW Topics

1 BPW Membership, Organizational Development, Strategies;

2 Communication;

8 Leadership, Development, Lifelong Learning, Training; 

12 Young BPW



5 Gender Equality;

16 Peace, Justice, and Sustainable Institutions; 17 Partnerships for the Goals


  1. raising awareness within BPW global membership regarding intergenerational issues;
  2. participants gain transferable skills in regard to intergenerational concepts and communication, for use in their workplace and community;
  3. "ripple effect" in the sharing of these skills and knowledge with other community members;
  4. resolution(s) in Congress 2020 for greater youth involvement and leadership;
  5. establishment of a permanent BPW International taskforce in this name;
  6. contribution to a 21st century model of BPW



Basnet, Neelima, 

Project Co-Leader

Intergenerational Dialogue

BPW Nepal, Budhanilkantha Chapter

BPW International Young Representative 2017-2020


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Born and raised in a beautiful country Nepal, Neelima Basnet is professionally an Architect but passionate about environment so prefers to call herself climate action advocate. She has been practicing architecture through her private company Design casa private limited. Besides commercial building she has been involved in various local building constructions at remote areas with local material and has been volunteering to promote and bring awareness about green and sustainable architecture nationally and internationally.

While growing up she witnessed the side effects of civil war, political crisis, refuges crisis, natural disasters and above all the discrimination for being a girl in her own society. To think as global citizen and be part of the solution of the global crisis she attended various national and international events organized by United Nations.

She is a member of Business and Professional Women,Nepal and was elected as young BPW international representative 2017-2020 at Cairo, Egypt at the congress of BPW International. She is passionate about working in rural areas to empower the local people to understand and work towards achieving sustainable development goals.

She is also member of various organizations in Nepal which is working for empowerment and sustainable development of her country. She believes that life if not about how much we learn or earn but how much we share our knowledge and give back to humanity.

Languages: English

Hilty, Anne, 

PhD, Psychology

Project Co-Leader

International Mobility

Project Co-Leader

Women, Peace, Security

Project Co-Leader,

Intercultural Dialogues 

Project Co-Leader

Intergenerational Dialogue

BPW Hong Kong

Founder and Immediate Past President

BPW Hong Kong / EPW Club New York

Hong Kong 

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Anne Hilty, PhD, is a psychologist, writer and educator, working with individuals, organizations, and institutions. A native New Yorker -- "natural global citizen" -- she has lived abroad since January 2005 in both East Asia and Europe. She has been engaged throughout her career in the promotion of peace through global understanding, traveling to 80+ countries thus far for her research in cultural psychology and intercultural competency. EastWest Psyche Inc., her current company, represents Dr Anne's 4th entrepreneurial experience.

Having begun in the healthcare field in 1980, Dr Anne maintained a psychotherapy and natural health practice in New York (1989-2004) where she was also on staff at several hospitals; in both South Korea and Hong Kong (2005-2018); and globally, via Internet. Dr Anne has further engaged in academia and education management; in 2017-18 she was Visiting Professor in the Center for International Affairs of Jeju National University (Korea), and she has been adjunct professor at both Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Regis College (Boston) as well as a founding administrator for 2 schools in Seoul and 1 in New York. She has given numerous public presentations and has published 200+ articles and several books and chapters, with a 7-book series on intercultural competency now in preparation for City University of Hong Kong Press.

Additionally, Dr Anne has undertaken international conference organization and event planning, the latest as Congress Organizer and Program Coordinator for the 2014 Business and Professional Women [BPW] International Congress. Founding and immediate past president of BPW Hong Kong (2015-2017), she is also a member of BPW in New York City, BPW Intercontinental Club based in Nice, and the BPW International taskforce for Peace and Intercultural Understanding. For the latter, she developed a "Women, Peace & Security: UN1325" program.

Languages: English

studied, not fluently: Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, French, Latin, Italian, Sign Language (US)