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BPW International Taskforce: Leadership & Lifelong Learning


BPW Leadership training for women:

Encouraging Women to make a difference by taking over leadership and responsibility


How to encourage women to take over leadership and responsibility was the subject of the workshop Leadership & Lifelong Learning at the BPW International Congress in Cairo lead by the Taskforce Chair Dr. Antoinette Rüegg.


Sabine Schmelzer, member of the Taskforce, presented the Taskforce’s most successful training projects to a large group of interested participants. And through those projects indeed the leadership skills for women have been fruitfully transferred to several European countries.


The Personal Empowerment Program, PEP, is the basic training for empowering BPW and non-BPW members all over the globe; whereas the PEP Train-the-Trainer-Program - for BPW members only - qualifies trainers to hold the PEP trainings, each trainer receives the PEP Training Certification after the successful examinee.


Another training is created to deepen leadership skills for women on a more personal and corporate structure level. Eight members of the Taskforce developed an intensive “BPW Leadership Training for Women”, which has already been conducted in some European countries e.g. Switzerland, Germany, Estonia.


Johanna Marius, originally from Germany, living in Egypt, and Dahlia Salem, living in Kairo and member of BPW Club Munich (Germany), presented their “Member Project: Culture Smart” to facilitate communication across cultures through self-awareness, knowledge and practice. They took the group to an astonishing practical example, which showed the importance of intercultural skills in a globalized world.


Ingrid Asche, member of the BPW International Taskforce Leadership & Lifelong Learning

October 29, 2017

On the photos from above: Participants of the Congress Workshop of the BPW International Taskforce “Leadership & Lifelong Learning” - Dahlia Salem - Sabine Schmelzer - Ingrid Asche with Dahlia Salem & Johanna Marius

pilot team member on tour at cairo congress

Visiting Karin Jeanneret, BPW Biel / Switzerland and her booth. 

Karin is presenting her Member Project „Solar Water Pump“. 

On the foto Karin (sitting), from left to right: Vroni Rohrbach; Daniela Rigassi; Claire-Marie Kabore, President BPW Ouagadougou; Dr. Antoinette Rüegg.

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Solar Water Pump at BPW International Congress in Cairo, Oct 2017