Portraits of Experts

Glenn, Dianne - Expert

Glenn, Dianne - Expert - New Zealand - Health

Glenn, Dianne


Skills: Health

BPW New Zealand

New Zealand

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Languages: English

Mee, Vicky - Expert

Mee, Vicky - Expert - New Zealand - WEPs, Pay Equity, Geology

Mee, Vicky


Skills: WEPs, Pay Equity

BPW New Zealand, Club Auckland

New Zealand

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Vicky trained as a geologist and began her working life as a paleontologist for Esso BHP working in oil exploration in Australia. Since then she has been employed in management roles within an IT development company, developed her own orchard business and currently does some consulting in orchard setup, works as a financial mentor for those in financial distress and is also a facilitator for the Commission of Financial Capability in NZ. Vicky Mee is the President of BPW New Zealand, the Chair of the UN Womens Empowerment Principles (WEPs) committee for New Zealand (NZ) and also a member of the Pay Equity Coalition Auckland.

Languages: English

Savage, Caroline - Expert

Savage, Caroline - Expert - New Zealand - Economy, Business, Finances, Trade, Employment

Savage, Caroline


Skills: Project Management, Communication, Architecture

BPW New Zealand, Club Franklin

New Zealand

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With over 12 years as a Registered Architect and a volunteer committed to making a difference. I have accumulated a variety of skills and knowledge over 30 years developing both personally and professionally and this has been reflected in my Myers Briggs training. My skills have included management of a small architectural and building services company to leadership and senior positions in a team environment. Over the last 4½ years I have further diversified my career portfolio gaining extensive experience in remediation work for the Ministry of Education and Body Corporate projects and full site development of service stations.

Languages: English

Weill, Alexia - Expert

Weill, Alexia - Expert - Switzerland - Cultures, Art

Weill, Alexia


Skills: Art, Sculpture

BPW Switzerland, Club Lausanne


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Alexia Weill lives and works on the Riviera vaudoise in Switzerland. Passionate about the cinema and photography, she studied at the School of Audiovisual Production of Paris. She began her career working in feature films, commercials, tv shows and documentaries. As gallerist granddaughter, she loved the sculpture from an early age. In between filming, she attended the workshops of sculptors and learned different techniques. By carving the stone, she seeks harmony in the round and clean shapes. In 2009, she received the Honorary Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Southeast of France.

Languages: French

Witmer, Lesha - Expert

Witmer, Lesha - Expert - Germany - Legislation, Society, Politics, Advocacy

Witmer, Lesha


Skills: Advocacy and Lobbying, International Policy, Sustainable Development Policy

BPW Germany, Club Würzburg


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Representative of BPW international to UN, Chair of the Standing Committee for Environment, Sustainable Development & Water of Business & Professional Women International, Member core-group OECD water governance Initiative on behalf of BPWI

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German

Yassuda, Margarida - Expert

Yassuda, Margarida - Expert - Brazil - Economy, Business, Finances, Trade, Employment

Yassuda, Margarida

Pilot Member & Expert

Skills: Training, Strategic Planning, Management

BPW Brasil, Club Sao Paolo


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Master degree  at the University  Anhembi-Morumbi – SP

My professional experience is based  mostly acting as General Manager  in international hotel chains  for more than 20 years.

Large experience and skills  in developing  and implementing  projects and partnership with different stakeholders, capacity building,  strategies to reach  targets,   creation of  tools to motivate employees, guests, clients, and local communities  in social-environmental programs.

Volunteer Experience: 

BPW-São Paulo -  member since 2005, past 1st Vice-President, currently Board Member. 2017-2019  BPW Brasil  - 1st executive secretary. Since 2016 -   task force  of IFBPW BusinessNet  for  Latin America. Attended  UN -  CSW in   2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.   Coordinated  the event  in the UN premisses  during the CSW 61. Women in Water Policy as key to economic empowerment. Sponsored by the Brazilian Mission with partnership    BPW Brasil + Women for Water Partnership.

In 2016, volunteered at the Olympic and  Paralympic Game Rio   as Assistant of Athlets Delegations, Austria and Jamaica, 3 months

-Currently also working as Steering Committee Member  at WfWP.

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Japanese, French