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Flyer BPW Member Projects & Experts - Status: Cairo Congress


At Congress 2014 a resolution for the renewal of the BPW International Committees, Taskforces and Projects was adopted. A final proposition will be submitted at Congress 2020. During the PILOT phase (2014-2020) new tools such as the BPW International Member Projects and Experts were established. Projects which are recognized by BPW International provide the leaders with more visibility and importance. 


Renewal of the organization of Committees    

A Resolution or an Amendment to the Constitution will suggest new structures which will replace the former Committees not headed by Executive Board Members to create much more efficient structures and services. The project-performances of all our Federations and Clubs cannot longer be ignored and must become visible so that the international Executive Board can choose the different experts for specific tasks. To obtain valuable results the Project Chair and the Members must be on the same page and the current terms are not necessarily the best timeframe for specific tasks.  Just following or copying structures from environments which pays salaries or cover expenses can block the view on the unique opportunities voluntarily working organizations offers. Members, especially members who have time and expertise like to support the organization provided that they find reliable structures which support and make their performances, competences and capacities visible to others. Paying salaries or expenses is no issue and different Project Leaders can even work on the same issue in their own Projects. It is important that BPW recognizes this richness and uses it to advance its development, strength and power.


The Amendment to the Constitution or Resolution will be discussed on this platform one year before Congress 2020.

All members who are convinced that the old structures need to be replaced by new, better adapted and much more efficient ones are requested to promote and to support the new proposition before and at Congress.

Working Schemes for BPW PILOT

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Flyer (pdf)
Flyer (pdf)

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TIMETABLE & RULES 2014-2020 (pdf)
TIMETABLE & RULES 2014-2020 (pdf)